3D Design Lab

The First BeatSkool was on a very small scale, though the initial concept was obviously much more ambitious, after the pilot there where a number of detours as new potential venues where designed.

LightHouses are supposed to warn you of impending danger, unfortunatly this time the LightHouse Project(Liverpool) went to the wall, so my designs never saw the light of day. Today I have a new BeatSkool Plan, one that isn’t dependant on Government Grants or EU money, though I would like to think government & banks should match any funds raised direct from the public.

Leaving Skool in 1980 was no Fun, we didn’t have computers or Mobile phones.
Apprenticeships thin on the ground(much like today), I thought my career path would be all mapped out with a pencil. Though due to the lack of jobs in the engineering route, I took up photography, which led to so many other things.

In 1980 The Pencil was my tool of choice, how things have changed…
I had to journey through a slow drip feed of analogue video equipment, 35mm film,& expensice slow computers, to finally arrive at the place I should have been 30 years ago. Designing things…design was absent from any of my formal training.

Everything I’ve learned in 3D & Media was not from further education. During my time as an Autodesk Applications Engineer & Technical Support goto guy. I have deliver 3DSMAX training to delegates (Architects, Engineers, Designers) from, Airbus, Arup, Rolls Royce, Jab Design, amongst others.
£500 per day to hold somone’s hand while they go through a book…

I was never comfortable doing this, much prefared to tailor the the lessons to real world applications that they needed, they could chew on the book at home or work. these days it’s even easier to access the information, skool should teach how to prepare to start a business with £40k rather than spend it on an outdated useless degree…there are many unemployed with degrees.

Meanwhile Still waiting for the Journey to Begin & get the next phase off thed ground, a dedicated 3D Design WorkShop Retreat, I can remember 2 or 3 recessions in my lifetime, so much wasted time, not to mention the years of setbacks from being robbed & conned over the years, time wasters…etc.
The time has never een better, just need a little boost!

Finally with the enthusiasm 3D printing is generating, and the ease of access to tools & models, there has never been a better time to start the Journey into a 3D Universe of you own making.
So what you gonna do… go to University to study 3D… or Google it!

Need a Hand Give me A shout, find me and millions of 3D Models on GrabCAD



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